August 23, 2018 / by attila / In news

Devcom, Gamescom & Gamesom congress

These three events: Devcom, Gamescom and Gamescome Conference are held in Cologne, Germany every year the same week and are the biggest European event of the videogame industry. This year we were honoured to have been invited by the organisers to give a talk about the projects of MMOS and how game designers and developers can participate in this new form of citizen science. The talk was titled Serious can be fun: exoplanets in EVE

Right after Devcom, Gamescom started and during Gamescom, Gamescom Conference. It is a very special event focusing on the use of gaming technologies in industry, health and other areas. The opening discussion was among the senior figures of the major German political parties. Already that representation showed how much the perception of videogames have changed in the recent years. It was really interesting to hear that all parties agree on that e-sports is sports, and the only difference among them is how they can support e-sporters. We live in an interesting age.